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The Spelling Meme

The Spelling Meme

There’s a meme with variations on the theme that’s been doing the rounds for a while – ‘It makes me sad when spelling mistakes ruin an awesome post.’

I feel sad when people value spelling over content. If not for spellcheck my words would be littered with errors. There’s a reason, and it’s not because I don’t care, nor because I lack intelligence. I’m grateful when people point out an error to me and I try to remember, but I’m not always successful.
I know people who are intelligent, wise, warm hearted and articulate, but they don’t write because, for various reasons, they struggle with spelling and things grammatical.

I admire people who write well, I have a deeper admiration for those who don’t allow mistakes to deter them, and I have respect and understanding for those who feel intimidated by the expectations of some.

My husband was my editor but I chose not to allow his absence to stop me from writing. If I decide to publish some of my work one day, I’ll pay an editor. I’ll never stop writing.

I even have the temerity to present writer’s workshops – not because I’m a great writer, but because I value writing and view it as an important tool for some, a means of dealing with life’s difficulties. I encourage people to forget about spelling and punctuation and just write. And sometimes from this writing can come something far more precious than a best seller. People can reach a place of understanding, acceptance and the possibility of peace.

I don’t believe a spelling mistake ruins anything, it simply proves we are all human and prone to making errors. It also proves we have the courage to keep trying.

Tricia 8/2013

Treading Water

Treading Water
In the riptide of life
Ultimately there is no one to save us
Some strive to reach us
But their bodies tire
As they fight the currents
Of life’s demands
We swim or drown
In accord with courage determination 
And circumstance
Salt sour on the tongue
Often struggling 
With a thirst unquenchable
Seductive seas
Ebb stealthily
While we thrash and curse
Tempted to roll and float
Yet unwilling 
To succumb to the flow
For loves lost life jacket
As we come to accept
Some days
The best we can do 
Is tread water
Tricia  Bertram 10/2012