Copyright and Consideration

The ‘WHO AM I?’ section gives an overview of my blog.
I willingly share many of my pieces with various individuals, also with grief and health organisations. All I ask is that if you want to use my words, you contact me and ask my permission.
My photos are shared at my discretion, as a general rule, only with people I know.
Thank you for your consideration.

  1. HI,
    Shortly after my sister died from advanced pancreatic cancer, i found your poem The Visitor with these words…”my old friend grief has come to stay once more 
just when I think she has settled into sleep 
she comes quietly up behind me 
rests her hand on my shoulder…” I found those to be gentle, true words of the experience i was going through and am still.

    I’d like your permission to use the poem and to site your full name . I only have your first name Tricia.

    We will be having a gathering for my sister on June 29 this month and I believe i will be making up either posters of my fav poems. I also may some day collect the poems in a book type format to share, poems and lyrics that meant a lot to me during my grieving time.

    I look forward to your reply,

    • Hello Earla,

      You are most welcome to use my poem, The Visitor. I write for myself, but I post the poems on my blog in the hope they will resonate with others.

      I’m sorry to read of your sister’s death. I hope your gathering on June 29th is a precious honouring of her life, and a step forward for you in your grieving process.

      My full name is Tricia Bertram and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you for taking the time to ask my permission. I appreciate it.

      Warm regards

  2. I’m so very sorry for the reason for your blog but thankful that you have a beautiful voice through prose. I, too, know this painful journey, as my son was murdered in his apartment on August 8, 2011. I am now the Media Officer for Listening Hearts, A Gathering of Bereaved Moms (, and we are working hard on our grief website to offer hope to others on this journey because we believe no mom should have to endure her grief journey alone. We are currently working on a Resources page to share informative sites and blogs. Can we add your blog to our page?

    • Hello Amparo,
      I’m so sorry to read of the murder of your son. My heart goes out to any parent who has to relearn their life in the face of the absence of their child. I agree, no mother should have to walk this road alone and so you are welcome to add my blog to your resources page.
      Thank you for asking my permission. This means a lot to me.
      Take care

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