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The name says it all

Life’s Ocean

Life’s Ocean
Ocean relentless ebb and flow
Constantly changing the surface of the sand
Life’s joys and sorrows come and go
Reach out to meet them with outstretched hand
Gently soothing or raging destructively
Ever an awe inspiring sight
Peace and fury alternating
Touching us all a constant fight
White water mounting or crystal clear
A thing of beauty to behold
Our feelings change with circumstance
Altering as our lives unfold
Water lapping gently to shore
Leaving its debris on the beach
Thus we humans leave something behind
Affecting those we strive to reach
Life’s ocean relentless ebb and flow
Ever changing the depth of our being
Feel freely its varied elements
So empty a life never seeing
Tricia 4/93

Words in the Woods

In the midst of reading I sometimes find myself compelled to write. The following poem came to me while reading Autumn Laing, a book written by one of my favourite Australian authors, Alex Miller. I love his books, but for me the story is often secondary to the snippets of wisdom that permeate his pages. Here is an example from page 183 of Autumn Laing –
 “Our truths are written in our hearts and are not a currency of exchange.”
Words in the Woods
I read a sentence
By the opening
Of a doorway
Into life’s truth
After a momentary glimpse
Of the wonder within
I mark the spot
With a tiny post-it sticker
Breadcrumbs in a fairy tale
Birds come for my crumbs
I find myself
Lost in the words
Struggling to find my way
I stumble upon
The gingerbread house
Of growing awareness
Tricia 27/12/11


slowly festering in the bowl
once brilliant red with mysterious hues
filled with juicy crunch
subtle sweetness developing
as you nestled on your branch
did your rot start at the core
or was it just a surface scratch
once the putrefaction has begun
does the cause matter
maybe only to other festering apples
do my words speak to you
of slow disintegration
helpless dissipation of substance
do you hear my confused compassion
or is it just metallic vapour
another slow festering apple
Tricia 8/2007  (previously published in Rememberings)