Monthly Archives: August 2015

16 Years And Still I Ache 

16 years ago today, it was the last day of Ken’s life. His dad and I had no idea when we said goodbye that day, it would be our forever goodby. 
I don’t know at what point during that day, Ken, decided this would be his final day. Maybe he didn’t decide until the next day, but he died in the early hours of the morning so I sense his decision was made on this day, 16 years ago. 
I miss you every day my precious son. I often wonder why it is that you’re gone and yet, I’m still here. It is never right for a parent to outlive their child, it goes against the natural order, but then life is often shambolic. Dad worried so about my health yet he died 10 years after you, leaving me the last branch of our rare and beautiful family tree. 
I love you, Ken. xxx