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Games I Play

Among the pleasures
Of living alone
Freedom to be me
In my sanctuary home
One can vent
To their hearts content
No feathers to unruffle
When the venting’s spent
If I get very cross
Do you know what I do
Throw empty plastic bottles
At the glass door – yes it’s true
I always keep a few
On the table by my chair
Ready for chucking when something pokes
My sleeping inner bear
I’ve this special grabber thingy
‘Coz my bending days are done
It enables me to pick things up
When I’ve had my venting fun
It’s empowering for me
As my body slowly wears out
To know I can still cut it
In the game of chuck and shout
Sometimes I’m amused
By the childlike thinks I do
Did I tell you I play basketball
With the rubbish bin – yes it’s true
I miss more than I sink
Tissues and papers litter the floor
But oh what fun it is
When I get to yell “She scores”
My wonderful grabber thingy
Helps me tidy up the mess
But some shapes are tricky
I can get frustrated I confess
That’s when I circle back to venting
I’m well versed in naughty words
Let’s pretend I just exclaim
“You annoying little turds”
Some might call it temper
I call it healthy release
If you’re bothered I know a few members
Of The Australian Venting Police

Tricia 6/2014


Simple Pleasure

To dance naked on a summer’s night
Splashing in the sea
My hearts delight
No one taught me this depth of pleasure
‘Tis an instinct
I’ll always treasure
To feel the sea’s soft caress
naked legs
Stomach and breast
I’ve shared this halcyon joy and lust
My love my life
The man I trust
Oh my hearts precious delight
Sharing nights ocean
Loves darkness light
Years have passed since thus I’ve played
But sweetest memories
Have forever stayed

Tricia 6/2014

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