Eli The Published Author

Hello Eli,
If you’re the Australian author who posted about therapy and included an amazing link to a ‘visual conversation’ could you please send me a link to your blog. I was following you, and because I’m such a computer doofus, when I went to change the status of your updates I inadvertently unfollowed you, and now I can’t find you.
I’m hoping you’re still following me so I’ll be able to reconnect with your blog.
Tricia – The woman whose knowledge of computers would fit on the head of a pin.

About triciabertram

I have written all my life. Writing helps me to make sense of a world I often don’t understand. Poetry is my supreme solace, closely followed by literature and music. When my son ended his life in 1999 I embarked on the most difficult journey of my life, my grief journey. To survive in this unknown, harsh landscape I had to write. It was for me, the only way I could even begin to move forward. Then in 2009 my darling husband died suddenly and so my journey continues. I write about other issues but because of my life experience, grief and death are continuing themes in my writing life. In our culture I believe there is a fear of death, an inability to accept the inevitability of our mortality, and this creates enormous difficulties for the bereaved and those around them. I have begun this blog in the hope I will create a small ripple in the pond of fear that is currently drowning the reality of death and grief. I will continue to skim the stones of my truth, watch them bounce, and see how many ripples I can make.

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  1. http://eliglasman.com/2014/02/08/on-how-i-miss-my-therapist/
    Tricia, is this the one? Your post triggered my memory.

    • Peter you are a darling. Yes that is the blog I was looking for. I really enjoy his writing and that ‘silent conversation’ piece was incredible.
      Thanks so very much.
      Tricia x

  2. Glad you found him Tricia! Im a pin head too!! ❤ Xx

  3. Yay! Well done Peter x

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