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I’m sorry you’re so unwell
I shall keep to your nom de plume
I know you don’t like a fuss
I hope you’re out of hospital soon

I love you more than words can say
Although I’m a verbose old bag at times
There are no words for how much I care
Particularly ones that rhyme

You’ve been there for me in so many ways
Your quiet humour I treasure
You helped me to survive the toughest of days
You are a man beyond measure

You’re one of the joys of my life
And it sucks that you are sick
Sometimes that bastard fate
Can be such an annoying prick

You’d better get well soon
My fun filled special man
Coz Jon Bon Jovi needs us
As backing singers in his band

Tricia 21/2/2014

Big Ted – A precious gift of a poem from my dear friend, Pooky.

Big Ted.

Eli The Published Author

Hello Eli,
If you’re the Australian author who posted about therapy and included an amazing link to a ‘visual conversation’ could you please send me a link to your blog. I was following you, and because I’m such a computer doofus, when I went to change the status of your updates I inadvertently unfollowed you, and now I can’t find you.
I’m hoping you’re still following me so I’ll be able to reconnect with your blog.
Tricia – The woman whose knowledge of computers would fit on the head of a pin.

Apple store last Friday. New iPad and new computer. :)

 Apple store last Friday. New iPad and new computer. :)

Nojy and me. Lisa is behind the camera. I would be lost without my loving companions and helpers.

Love Lingers

Love Lingers

Each time he kissed the top of my head
I lifted my hand to caress his cheek
How I love that man
Even though it’s almost 5 years
I can close my eyes
Feel his kiss
Instinctively my hand reaches
For the absent presence
Behind my chair
And I know
In the depth of my being
How deeply
I was loved
Death can steal many things
But never the knowing of love

Tricia 2/2014 (Inspired by Pooky’s Poems – Affirmations?)


I’m sorry for not replying to comments or reading blogs but my iPad has been slowly dying for some weeks. I have an iPhone but with my cataracts it’s very difficult to read much.
My wonderful Nojy and Lisa are taking me to the Apple store tomorrow so I will hopefully begin to catch up soon.
Keep your fingers crossed they can retrieve my poems that are floating around in the ether somewhere.
Take care all