The Visitor


I thought I’d posted this on the blog but went through twice today and can’t find it. If my failing eyesight has missed it, my apologies. 🙂

The Visitor

my old friend grief has come to stay once more
just when I think she has settled into sleep
she comes quietly up behind me
rests her hand on my shoulder

when I think I can’t bear her presence
for one more second
she takes me by the hand
leads me to the window
bids me stand in stillness

gradually black becomes pale grey
patches of cobalt
sapphire sheen fades with dawns light
I think it is over
but no

my friend wraps her arms around me
holds me to her
it is not finished

and then the colours come
robust red
indigo that bleeds into purple
orange spotlights blaze
as grey white clouds dance and weave
through passionate pigments

as the colour gradually fades
morning shines her bright light
blinding us
we close our eyes for a moment

then side by side
we leave the window
to begin our day together

Tricia 23/07/09

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  1. Tricia, this is special. To call grief your friend teaches me so much. I am continously learning so much from you in your relationship with her.

    This poem is sinply beautiful and leaves me moved beyond words. Although I can say it leaves me feeling sad, happy, scared, content and safe.

    And as for the photo of the sunrise, well its just breathtakingly beautiful.

    You are such a special presence in my life Tricia, I hope you realise how much.

    Lotsof love and big hugs❤ xxx

    • Christine my dear you know, grief is so much a constant in my life that I, at times, feel her to be a physical presences. We are never far away from each other so I figure it’s best if I befriend her and try to learn the lessons she has to teach me.

      As for the sunrise, although I live in a densely populated area, I see the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets. This photo was taken from the window of my study, with the camera tilted so that most of the rooftops were not visible. I must relearn how to use my camera as an iPhone or iPad don’t convey the richness of colour.

      You are one of my life’s treasures, Christine
      Love and hugs

  2. This is beautiful Tricia – I love the personification of grief as a companion. So moving.

  3. This is exquisitely composed, Tricia and beyond beautiful. And then it hits me that those adjectives aren’t really “comfortable” with grief and heartache. But I could feel the emotion in the room and it is powerful! What I also note is that when you walk away from the window grief is at your side, not holding your hand. As a presence, grief is right there, but you have a choice about precisely how close you will be as you move into your day. I think that describes why you have been able to be honest with your feelings of overwhelming loss, yet survive! This is going to be a favorite from all that you’ve written! oxo Debra

    • Thank you for your wonderful words, Debra. For me they are perfect because as well as being painful at times, grief is a wise woman who has much to teach me, if I allow it. I do try and keep her out of my bedroom because I need somewhere to go where I can be free of her for a time. She does occasionally sneak in, but only on the very worst of days.
      Take care my dear friend.
      Tricia xx

  4. Such a beautiful description of watching the sunrise!

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