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Life begun with joy and hope
sometimes ends in tragedy
and yet
nothing can take away
precious memories

Tricia 18/9/2013

It’s Not Death I Fear

It’s Not Death I Fear

“Imagine your body being buried
while you’re still in it
…… this can go on for years”
And so it goes

A television advertisement
Shock therapy
Designed to induce fear
Deter people
From smoking
I don’t know how it works
From a smoker’s perspective
It’s 25 years since I quit

I can tell you
From my perspective
Chronic lung disease
Incremental breathlessness
Diminshing independence

It punches me in the stomach
Drops me to my knees
Submerges me
In the waters of my fate

Tricia 6/2013


Bite Me Alice

I’ve vacillated, to post or not to post. I’ve already denigrated this piece on another thread. Why? There are many sides to RUOK Day. There are various ‘Days’, ‘Ribbons’ and feel good functions, then there is each individuals lived reality. This may not be every day, but it is some people’s ‘sometimes’.

Bite Me Alice

Fallen down the hole again
Exit doors but nary a key
For weeks lost and wandering
Specious cavern of misery
There are big doors and tiny ones
None fit this altered state
Slithering over rocky ground
Battered snail not venomous snake
Jefferson Airplane singing ’bout Alice
‘Feed your head – feed your head’
Shell home holds sickness and sorrow
Wanna be dead – wanna be dead
No mushrooms from the Caterpillar
Not even a puff on his hookah pipe
Sitting there asking esoteric questions
Snipe snipe snipe snipe snipe snipe
Questions without answer
People not always what they seem
Alice and her cohorts can bite me
This is reality not a stream-side dream
The truth isn’t always pretty
Yet a constant push to make it so
Your family’s dead but hey time’s passed
Soon be Christmas Ho Ho Ho
Not all stories have happy endings
Sometimes it’s too hard to be ‘OK’
There’ll be no uplifting finale
Don’t wanna play ‘nice’ today

Tricia 9/2013