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Photo to accompany Mother’s Day Book Spine Poem 2013


Mother’s Day Book Spine Poem

This years Mother’s Day Book Spine Poem – for the motherless child and the childless mother.(for some reason I can’t get the photo to print. I’ll try it as a stand alone entry.)
Heartbroken Open
Layers of Silence
Latitudes of Melt

Tricia 2013 

Son and Sky

Son and Sky
Laughter back in her life
Interesting projects
Meaning and purpose abound
And yet
Three sleepless nights this week
It would appear her body
Is aware
The black stallion of Mother’s Day
Is galloping toward her 
Hooves pounding the tempo
Requiem for a Dead Child
Fourteen years since
Her so sad son
Laid down the intolerable burden
His life had become
Her childless mother lesions
With familial longing
As she sits in the dark
Waiting for dawn
Slowly it comes
Swathes of colour
Join together
‘Till the sky is a breathtaking blaze
Her atheistic heart
Longs for a moment
To see her artist son’s hand
Painting this gift of morning skies
But what was
Can never be again
The yin of grief settles
Beside the yang of love
It is enough for today
Tricia 5/2013


Loving Memories

Today, on the 67th anniversary of Rod’s birth, I’ve decided to share a personal email he sent me when I entered my first writing competition (He was away on a business trip at the time).
This email shows, more than any words I could write, what a wonderful, caring, supportive man he was.


What a big step you have taken on the road to becoming your own person telling your story in your own voice.

I have been waiting a long time for you to gain the confidence that what you have to  say is valid and relevant to a wider audience.

Reaching an audience is winning (although the kudos of a prize or two can’t hurt!!)

I am really looking forward to reading the finished piece.

One of your future pieces should be to use your wicked sense of humour and unique slant on things/life to bring some of the funny stories of your childhood to an audience.

Love and hugs”

In the words of Gladys Night and The Pips, You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me