Upcoming performances

Upcoming performances.

i’m looking forward to seeing this. Love performances that are ‘outside the square’.

About triciabertram

I have written all my life. Writing helps me to make sense of a world I often donโ€™t understand. Poetry is my supreme solace, closely followed by literature and music. When my son ended his life in 1999 I embarked on the most difficult journey of my life, my grief journey. To survive in this unknown, harsh landscape I had to write. It was for me, the only way I could even begin to move forward. Then in 2009 my darling husband died suddenly and so my journey continues. I write about other issues but because of my life experience, grief and death are continuing themes in my writing life. In our culture I believe there is a fear of death, an inability to accept the inevitability of our mortality, and this creates enormous difficulties for the bereaved and those around them. I have begun this blog in the hope I will create a small ripple in the pond of fear that is currently drowning the reality of death and grief. I will continue to skim the stones of my truth, watch them bounce, and see how many ripples I can make.

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  1. Sounds good!

    Its about time opera was made accessible and affordable. They are trying to do it here but its still not accessible to enough people .


    Hugs xx

    • Christine, I suspect this will be very different from the traditional version. It’s being performed in a pole dancing venue – well the story is about a dying courtesan ๐Ÿ™‚ The cast will be a mix of opera singers and some of the women who work at the venue.
      I’ve a friend who has a small role, so that makes it more exciting.
      It’s next week, so I’ll letmyou know.
      Tricia xoxo

  2. This definitely looks like an entertainment bonanza! Let us know how it goes! ๐Ÿ™‚ ox

    • Debra, I’m getting very excited about this. My niece and her husband are taking me, and we’ve decided to stay in a posh hotel in the city. It’s the first time I’ve been to a show in a long time.
      I’ll let you know all about it.
      Only 7 more sleeps.
      Tricia xoxo

      • Wonderful news, Tricia! How fun to be enjoying a nice hotel experience and the rhythms of the city. That should make the whole experience a wonderful spirit-refreshing time! I love the “7 more sleeps”–and it’s less than that now! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs!

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