A Book Spine Poem


Sailing Alone Around the Room
Longing for My Child
eating fire

I composed this poem last Mother’s Day. I’m posting it today for the parents of the massacred children.

(I posted this from my iPad and for some reason that I don’t understand the comments are not showing here, so thank you to those who commented on A Book Spine Poem)

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  1. Beautifully expressed Tricia.

    All other words fail me right now.

    With love

    Christine xxx

  2. Thank you my dear friend.
    Much love

  3. The very air is full of grief right now. And everyone seems to feel they want to say something…when there just aren’t any words. You’ve shared something from your own soul, and it fits so well. oxo

  4. Debra for some things it’s hard to find the words. I had little piles of books everywhere but nothing expressed the depth of my feelings until I put these three disparate books together.
    Take care

  5. Thanks Joe. Just the process of searching through my books, trying different compilations was cathartic for me. I intend to spend Christmas day doing a similar thing.

  6. trying to get the comments to show???

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