Treading Water

Treading Water
In the riptide of life
Ultimately there is no one to save us
Some strive to reach us
But their bodies tire
As they fight the currents
Of life’s demands
We swim or drown
In accord with courage determination 
And circumstance
Salt sour on the tongue
Often struggling 
With a thirst unquenchable
Seductive seas
Ebb stealthily
While we thrash and curse
Tempted to roll and float
Yet unwilling 
To succumb to the flow
For loves lost life jacket
As we come to accept
Some days
The best we can do 
Is tread water
Tricia  Bertram 10/2012

About triciabertram

I have written all my life. Writing helps me to make sense of a world I often don’t understand. Poetry is my supreme solace, closely followed by literature and music. When my son ended his life in 1999 I embarked on the most difficult journey of my life, my grief journey. To survive in this unknown, harsh landscape I had to write. It was for me, the only way I could even begin to move forward. Then in 2009 my darling husband died suddenly and so my journey continues. I write about other issues but because of my life experience, grief and death are continuing themes in my writing life. In our culture I believe there is a fear of death, an inability to accept the inevitability of our mortality, and this creates enormous difficulties for the bereaved and those around them. I have begun this blog in the hope I will create a small ripple in the pond of fear that is currently drowning the reality of death and grief. I will continue to skim the stones of my truth, watch them bounce, and see how many ripples I can make.

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  1. I hope you don’t spend all of your time ‘Treading water’ I hope spend time, most of your time, swimming with strength and vigour. As is the right of all of us.
    I hope you are well.

  2. This has a very different tone from the ones you’ve more recently posted. It’s like climbing out of the depths of the pain in your loss and recognizing the success of treading water! I’ve said before to grieving friends that I admired them for every day they could just get out of bed. That was enough! I felt that in this poem, Tricia, and very much appreciated it! oxo

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