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Poem in F minor

Poem in F minor
Although the music is still
The rhythm has changed 
Semitoneand circumstance
No longer a fully orchestrated
She’d relished her polonaise days
Now it was mostly sonatas
Old piano
Out of tune
Fingers less nimble 
Eyesight fading
Deceptive cadence and yet
She sits daily at the keyboard 
Striving for grazioso
From now on
Life’s composition
Needs be 
Tricia 10/2012
A musical glossary follows for those who require it. I have placed in brackets two pieces of music I would like you to listen to if you feel so inclined. You can find them easily on Youtube. I prefer to listen to the Horowitz version of both.


Adagio: To be played slowly

Deceptive cadence: A chord progression that seems to lead to resolving itself, but does not.

Diminished: To make appear smaller or less.

Grazioso: To play gracefully.

Polonaise: Polish folk dance (My favourite classical piece is Chopin’s Polonaise in A Flat Op 53)

Semitone: The smallest musical interval – distance between 2 notes that are next to one another.

Sonata: A piano sonata is a sonata written for solo piano (My favourite sonata is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata)

Hope this gives you a greater understanding of the poem.

Treading Water

Treading Water
In the riptide of life
Ultimately there is no one to save us
Some strive to reach us
But their bodies tire
As they fight the currents
Of life’s demands
We swim or drown
In accord with courage determination 
And circumstance
Salt sour on the tongue
Often struggling 
With a thirst unquenchable
Seductive seas
Ebb stealthily
While we thrash and curse
Tempted to roll and float
Yet unwilling 
To succumb to the flow
For loves lost life jacket
As we come to accept
Some days
The best we can do 
Is tread water
Tricia  Bertram 10/2012

Aspects of Life

Aspects of Life

She couldn’t remember her final bath
The subconscious realisation
Getting in and getting out
Were becoming beyond her
She remembered her joy in bathing
Lolling in the warm womb
Listening to Vivaldi or Chopin
Sipping brandy and dry
As the aches of the day
Began to recede
Often he would join her
Whiskey and soda in hand
Sit on the grey tiled space
At the end of the bath
Rest his back
On the sturdy glass wall
Eyes closed
Occasionally stroking her hair
There was an intimacy
More satisfying than sex
In this silent sharing of their day
The baths ended
Long before his heart stopped beating
But their loving intimate silences

Tricia 9/2012