Monthly Archives: August 2012

Resilience Wanes

Resilience Wanes
I live a halfhearted harmony
With my companion Chronic Illness
Occasionally there are flare ups
Challenging confrontations
Leaving an exhausting aftertaste
Binding me closer to my needy nemesis
There’s also fear
Not of Mortality
Mortality and I are firm friends
I look forward to the day we join hands
For that final stroll into the unknown sea
No it’s the predators
Vulnerability and
Helplessness I fear
When resilience wanes
I sense these beasts moving closer
Honing in on the scent of hovering hopelessness
As I shout derisively
Simulating courage
Struggling to keep the beasts at bay
The words of a friend
Sliced through my fear
Resilience is re-found
By being
Rather than doing”
She said
Tricia 8/2012