Missing in action

This is a note for those who follow my blog, and whose blogs I follow. I’ve been absent from the blogosphere due to ill health. Spent some time in hospital and am now recouperating at home. As a result of low energy levels I have over 600 unopened emails in my inbox, many of which will be from my fellow bloggers. Because the number is so overwhelming I may not get to them. I hope you understand.

I have a couple more medical tests this coming week and then I hope to slowly return to the wonderful world of blogs. I’ve not written a word for weeks and feel I must make an effort to correct this for various reasons! The main one being that words are my best friends and I’m missing my friends. I’m also missing my fellow bloggers.

I hope you are all well, and Thomas I hope your treatment is going well.

Take care


About triciabertram

I have written all my life. Writing helps me to make sense of a world I often don’t understand. Poetry is my supreme solace, closely followed by literature and music. When my son ended his life in 1999 I embarked on the most difficult journey of my life, my grief journey. To survive in this unknown, harsh landscape I had to write. It was for me, the only way I could even begin to move forward. Then in 2009 my darling husband died suddenly and so my journey continues. I write about other issues but because of my life experience, grief and death are continuing themes in my writing life. In our culture I believe there is a fear of death, an inability to accept the inevitability of our mortality, and this creates enormous difficulties for the bereaved and those around them. I have begun this blog in the hope I will create a small ripple in the pond of fear that is currently drowning the reality of death and grief. I will continue to skim the stones of my truth, watch them bounce, and see how many ripples I can make.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re not well Tricia and I hope you feel better soon. xx

  2. Tricia, my thoughts and prayers go out to you, and I hope you feel much better soon. You’ve been missed, and it’s good to see you back. Just take care, and we’ll all look forward to seeing you more on WP, when you’re up to it!

  3. Tricia,

    There is synchronicity going on here!

    I was just thinking about you this morning when I awoke very early and was thinking I hadn’t heard anything from you for a while. So I decided to send you an email. I opened my inbox and there you were with this post on WP. Because I, too, am off WP for a while (my only working hand is still in a splint) I am not reading much on WP either because I will be tempted to comment and I am not supposed to be typing much.

    But I felt compelled to read this one! I am so sorry you have been unwell and glad to hear you are on the mend. I hope to be back on WP eventually when I have had a steroid injection but still have to be careful.

    Please take care of yourself and get back to your best friends soon (your words I mean 🙂 ) I like others miss you too.

    Lots of love and

    (((healing hugs)))



    PS I won’t email you separately now and add to your inbox, this will suffice 🙂

    • Hello Christine,
      I’m feeling so much better. How are things with you? I’m hoping you too are on the road to recovery, (my inbox is now up to 725)
      Take care my cyber friend
      Big hug

  4. Best of luck and friendly wishes from here in Ireland. See you soon

  5. Hi, Tricia! I’m so sorry to hear that, dear. I hope you will recover in short order. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Take it easy there and much love and hugs to you! XOXO

  6. Tricia, I don’t know if you’ll see this. I have been trouble getting to wordpress and keeping up too. I hope you will keep working toward getting better. When health challenges come up we seem to have so little control other than going to a doctor and doing what they tell us to and praying for the best. You are missed on wordpress, but hopefully you’ll be back soon. You are a good poet and a good person who has been through enough. The trick is, I think, to just keep going, greeting one sunrise after another, trying to see the rainbows, and keeping a careful watch on the fires. Sometimes the day turns, and suddenly everything is okay again and what’s past is past. We appreciate you a whole lot. Please be well. Your friend, Tom

    • Dear Tom, Your message warmed me. My health is improving. It’s so good to begin to feel well again, I’d forgotten what it was like. I hope things are going well for you health-wise. You are so right about greeting each sunrise and looking for the rainbows. I’m surrounded by rainbows in the form of caring family and friends.
      Hugs to you and Ethel

  7. Tricia, I’ve wondered about you and held some concern! I didn’t see this post giving us a picture of your health, and just today thought I’d check in to see if I could send you a note! And here I find that you have been ill. I’m very sorry to hear that to be true! Do take care of yourself and I will look forward to your poetry when you can once again share. Blessings, dear one. Debra

  8. I love you and think about you every single day. I am at Bob’s new place and missing you – he lives now right on a lake and it is calm and serene- everything my life is not. And so I come here to help my life begin to look more that way – and when I stop and take a breath, I want to fill my lungs with your friendship, dear Trish. I so hope you are doing better and miss you to the length and breadth of my being.

    • Thank you my friend. You’ll have to email me some photos of Bob’s place so I can picture you there. I hope you make it to Australia next year. I’m wearing the bunny slippers you gave me, they are keeping my tooties warm during the cold Aussie winter.
      Big hugs

      • My sweet, beloved Skippy is no longer with us on this earth. I am now in Utah with my mentor midwife and dear friend feeding her emu, horses, pig, ducks, chickens, ducks, bunnies, sheep, turkey – andn letting the besutiful mountains and vast blue skies here absorb my tears. I go to CA from here to take two courses. Will take photos of Bob’s next time I am there and will send you a phot of Anna on email- no rush to look at it. You are always in my heart, but never more so than these days, Trish.

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