Monthly Archives: June 2012

Missing in action

This is a note for those who follow my blog, and whose blogs I follow. I’ve been absent from the blogosphere due to ill health. Spent some time in hospital and am now recouperating at home. As a result of low energy levels I have over 600 unopened emails in my inbox, many of which will be from my fellow bloggers. Because the number is so overwhelming I may not get to them. I hope you understand.

I have a couple more medical tests this coming week and then I hope to slowly return to the wonderful world of blogs. I’ve not written a word for weeks and feel I must make an effort to correct this for various reasons! The main one being that words are my best friends and I’m missing my friends. I’m also missing my fellow bloggers.

I hope you are all well, and Thomas I hope your treatment is going well.

Take care